Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kuan Banega Crorepati

K B C enters in its last week. It is remarkable that kind of connect that legend has been able to maintain all through the soon to end 9 weeks of K B C. Amitabh bachchan has made a fabulous talk show host 'cos he is deep interested in the life of every participant, ask's them engaging questions and has this amazing abillty to make ordinary people feel so speacial  for the few minutes they spend with him. He is supportive,empathrtic, encouraging, gentle and so charming that KBC simply has to bring him back. Yes, we want another season of the show 'cos it truly has got the nation hooked.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2 G scam joke

Two sisters were talking in maternity hospital.
First sister: "you know we have been hit by a new scam".

            A newly born baby cried and said "o shit, i am again born in india."

2 G scam

2 G the biggest scam in the history of indian economics. The big question is were is the money. It is shown that A RAJA who proved he is the raja (king) of the biggest scam in indian history has distributed the licenses on first come first come basis, gave licenses of his own self  inspite of asking to keep transperent policy for distributing  of the 2G licences. Former telecom minister thought that it is my father's property come i am ditributing it and who ever want it come first and take it. He sold away more then 10 billion people's assets at through away prices. Such kind of persons should be thrown away from this country by creating a big shameful way which should set a bench mark  for people like a raja to even imagine of thinking to do such act.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When i see Dolly Bindra laughing i try to compare her to the laughing style of RAVAN.
                                                                                                                                   And the laughing style of ravan seems to be so deciplaned when it is compared to present day's laughing style of dolly bindra.
                         It even seems that the laugh of dolly bindra is so scary, if ravan have heard it during ramayana he have let Sita free before the war have been started.
                         But thanks to dolly bindra she was not born during the period of ramayana or else we could have been deprived of the great epic like ramayan.

big boss

Dolly Bindra is back in big boss house. It means we will get to her  more beep beep.
You know that this word 'beep' thinks that i am a good word then  why i had been used to silence that bad words that are vulger in it self and making my name seems to be vulgar.
Then this word tells his self story that two boys were fighting. One said to other "you beep". The other said "your beep". The passer was with his son and he saw the two boys fighting and saying the words beep, beep, so he said what a beep boys. The son asked his father what is 'beep'. the father replied it is a bad word and you should not use this word. The son said I have not heard this word before, were is it originated from. The father replied "this word was originated from a indian telivision show 'BIG BOSS' and its inventor or mother of this word is 'the great mouth wrestler DOLLLLY BBBBINDRA'.